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Why do people not choose TVET?

First of all, TVET is basically a vocational training which will only attract people who had performed miserably in their academic education and who had no other choice. Second, you cannot find successful people coming out of vocational education. There are more successful people coming out from very little education than people with vocational education. It is also true that vocational trained people have very little innovation in their thinking and thus never think of striving for leadership.

Thus with the kind of adverse branding, it goes without saying that TVET as a brand had misgivings, whether true or false. But perception is everything; you do not want to encourage your siblings to take vocational training unless they are having no other choices. And to make it worse, if you have the money, you can buy your way to an academic qualification with nobody going to question your ability. So it seems that the first step to a rebranding exercise is to elevate TVET into something that is associated with glamour. But how do you go about doing it without spending a fortune?

The answer of course is to equate with Industrial Revolution 4.0 or something that got to do with industrial revolution. It is the easiest to do because after all, everybody would like to be associated with Industry 4.0 because there is a perceived notion that if you are not tuned to Industry 4.0 elements, then you could find yourself out of a job mainly because robots and artificial intelligence is taking over our jobs with efficiency thrown in a borderless world. Thus how should we go about turning TVET into something that is associated with future jobs?

TVET 4.0 is the justifiable answer because how can you go without that point four thingy? Well, TVET 4.0 is the new brand but before you do justification to that, you will have to overhaul vocational training to a whole new level. One of the better ideas is to couple it to automation. Think nothing but automation, even though we are talking about a seven billion population to feed. And when we have automation, we will also think of artificial intelligence. But we have to do more. Itís about our educational system: we need to also overhaul how we teach.

TVET 4.0 as envisaged by Iskandar Project is a whole new system of both education and industry player's role. For education, we would want to suggest the importance of first establishing whether the pupil is in the right frame of mind to embrace technology. So make it a point that whoever who wish to undertake TVET 4.0 must have the aptitude. A selection so to say: such that we are not going to allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to enter vocational education. This will heighten the status of TVET in the eyes of people and especially to the younger generation.

TVET 4.0 as envisaged by Iskandar Project will require heavy reliance on the use of artificial intelligence in the training. Pupils will have to be constantly tracked for their performance and comprehension of new technologies as required by industry players. As TVET 4.0 education is also heavily relying on real world industry players feedbacks, it is important for industry players, especially those who are creators of new technologies to be a part of the system. For such an eventuality, industry players will need to part finance and also be an advisor of some sort. It is no more leaving the whole thing to the academic players and the government.

We are all well accustomed to the idea of the academic institutions not churning out suitable workers but with the new TVET 4.0, this wasteful journey will be averted because now the industry players will be a part of the vehicle that churns out appropriately trained workers. With real time tracking about the performance of the pupils, and also the appropriate type of education, TVET 4.0 will go a long way to revolutionise vocational training. And TVET 4.0 should be considered as a life-long training because it is able to track what we learn and do even after we have left the workforce. And last but not the least, TVET 4.0 will follow us and inform us what best to do because it also track what is happening in the world in real-time. TVET 4.0 is another mini-revolution from Industrial Revolution 4.0.