ISKANDAR PROJECT iskandar project

Stand alone Water Capture System - water capture from the air anywhere in the world using water generation system!

stand alone water capture system

The first of its kind Self Sustaining Stand-Alone module Water Capture System - capture water from the air, anywhere in the world, including desert areas and the great outbacks! Self Sustaining and No Moving Parts to maintain so you can deploy it in remote areas where there is no grid power. You can get fresh safe drinking water in the area you least expect.

Salient Points

* Versatile and Portable

* Modular and Solid State - no maintainance needed

* Self Powered with Solar Energy - may include wind power to run 24 hours non stop.

* Scallable - could be expanded to cover a large area

* Life Saver in far remote area or in times of disasters

* Can be incorporated into roof tiles thus making every house with its own water supply

Form the basis of a first of its kind Water Tree