ISKANDAR PROJECT iskandar project

Vertical Farm - self sustaining with electricity and water

vertical farm

The first of its kind Self Sustaining Vertical Farm - with water and electrical power

You can now do vertical farming in far remote places where electrical power and water is not available. Remote rural areas come to mind. Vertical Farms are designed with their own power system and it also has its own system of water capture to be environmentally friendly. Electric power is obtained from from its solar panels and water is captured from the air. The system is also designed with automation as it is endowed with sensors to enable remote sensing. Embedded actuators will allow remote dosing of water and nutrients. Furthermore, the system is also endowed with temperature control so that you can grow exotic crops that require a cool climate.

Advantages of self sustaining vertical farm.

* Generates its own Renewable Energy

Iskandar's Vertical Farm module is a self sustainable agrarian ecosystem that is capable of generating its own energy from the sun. It obtains its energy via a series of solar panels hung from above the structure and together with a electrical accumulator, powers the system needs. In certain circumstances, wind power may also be utilised as mini wind turbines may be added into the system. But nedless to say, when electrical power is available, the system will be able to be installed in remote places where grid power is not available. Thus, the system is designed with the environment in mind having not to require the burning of fossil fuel to sustain its activities.

* Water Capture from the air and rain

Iskandar's Vertical Farm System is endowed with water catchment capability: it is able to catch water in two ways, one from a patented water catchment from morning air and the other from rain. When water is available, there is nothing that you cannot grow so the system is suitable for far remote places where water is normally not available. Thus, the system is also suitable for arid regions where rain does not come often. Where arid regions are concerned, the system comes with an underground water storage system together with a pumping system powered from the sun. Water is life!

* Expandable to huge vertical farm without sacrifycing on land use

Iskandar's Vertical Farm is easily expanded by additional of vertical stags anchored to the core pile which could be more than 30 meters high. Furthermore, these vertical stags can be easily lowered for maintainance purposes. Additionally, these individual cores can be connected into each other to form a strong structural system covering a wide acreage forming an estate for economies of scale.

* Automation

Iskandar's Vertical Farms can be semi or fully automatic depending on the requirements. It is capable of being run on automation because it has its own power system.

* Very Small foot print

Iskandar's Vertical Farms only requires a small footprint as it is installed above existing food crops. There is no need for land clearings.

* Remote control

Iskandar's Vertical Farming is designed with Industry 4.0 elelments to afford remote sensing and control.

* Environmental control - emits little CO2

Iskandar's Vertical Farm are designed with their own environmental controls like suitable temperature for exotic fruit crops; grapes and strawberry.