Msc Malaysia Status 2.0 MSC MALAYSIA STATUS 2.0

Msc Malaysia Status 2.0 launched 2019

After having being in existence for 23 years (since 1996), MDEC, the custodian of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) has seen it fit to morph into MSC 2.0 just so to take Malaysia into the new era of Industrial Revolution 4.0. This is seen as a strategic move for MSC as after having pioneered the country into the digital sphere for the past decades, it would only be right for her to help consolidate all that she had done to evolve into a new platform that is more in tune with Industry 4.0.

"We're at an interesting juncture to push the economy forward," said MDEC CEO Surina Shukri at InvestKL Conference. "MDEC will continue to be a developmental agency to provide the right environment for partnerships to build the right ecosystems."

"MDEC's goal is to provide, help and build talent, enable digital technologies, drive an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, pick our focus on what we do, dominate with that and improve what needs to be improved."

"Innovation is here. We need to amplify what we're doing," and "The spirit of simplifying pathways for tech innovation & growth, which is behind MSC Malaysia will always be there. MSC 2.0 will build on the initial platform more than 2 decades ago, " said Surina Shukri.

Speaking on tech talent, Surina Shukri also said: "We need to strengthen our ecosystem to build talent from cradle and encourage life-long learning. We are working with ministries, academia and industry to provide the pathway to build the much needed talent we need for growth."

So the next path for MSC is to build on the man power needs of the nation in tune with the adoption of Industry 4.0.