ISKANDAR PROJECT - 20 years ahead of its time iskandar project

Iskandar Malaysia Smart City

Smart City is about connectivity but post COVID-19, Iskandar Malaysia Smart City will need an update. What is the use of being smart if you don't feel safe? Well, for a start and especially post COVID-19, Iskandar Malaysia and in particular Riverria iskandar Malaysia will have to take safety issues as its top priority. It is not enough to be smart in order to save our environment but we will need to be safe as well. Smart Safe and able to stay alive will be the new paradigm for the region and what we do must have a strong element of being safe. Riverria Iskandar Malaysia will pioneer a new set of behaviours that will ensure that we live safe. It will include a safe environmental architecture and a set of new human behaviours that will at least ensure us not to be expose us to the virus easily. Post COVID-19 will require everyone to take health issues seriously because we are facing a real problem especially with asymptomatic carriers that we come in contact with. Many things will have to change for like:

new way of greeting
1. Social Distancing – new norms that you will have to get use to.

no more seating to each other
2. No more Mass Gathering; religion, convention and what not.
3. You need to go online to buy or sell
4. Mobility – roads going to be congested if people avoid public transports.
5. Connected to do work but not to spread diseases
6. Food Security - you don't want to be caught in a lockdown with insuficient food. New food stock piles will have to be incorporated in a smart city.
7. Work from home; you don't need to go to office as often
8. You don't need to go to the supermarket that often; shop from home and have it delivered to your doorstep.
9. New hospitals will have to be built to acomodate quarantines.
10. Electronic Tag; A bit frightening is the fact that people got to carry an electronic tag so that we know where they are at any given moment in time.
10. Safe Buildings; new buildings like hospitals, shopping malls and offices will be designed with a safe environment for instance with its air ventilation systems.