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Intelligent Air Conditioning Nozzle

intelligent air conditioner nozzle

The intelligent air conditioner nozzle is designed to enable spot air conditioning at targets that require cooling. It is also able to effect spot heating during cold spells. Designed with sensors, the intelligent nozzle is able to detect where the humans are located and thence directing air towards the intended target. It will not waste energy directing conditioned air towards places where there is no one around unlike the conventional air conditioner. As the world's population increases many folds, there will be the need to use more energy for cooling purposes. With the use of intelligent air nozzle, it will help in better efficiency in energy usages.

window air conditioner

Introducing the new solid state intelligent window air conditioner that also allows air ventilation. Makes your room a healthier environment as it is able to induct fresh air from the outside into the room. Intelligent enough to know what is best for you as it is able to detect how occupied is the room and goes to tweak the right temperature, humidity and amount of light entering the room. It's also Industry 4.0 ready to give you the automation and connectivity you want.