Msc Malaysia Status 2.0 MSC MALAYSIA STATUS 2.0

Msc Malaysia Status 2.0 Approved Activities - Global Business Process Outsourcing as of 1/1/2019

1. Global Business Services or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (excluding non-technical and/or low value call/contact center; data entry; recruitment process outsourcing).

Modelling - Modeling/Analysis/Research & Analytics. Your business model will have to state revenue model, target market and year of offer. Also a reminder to you that no contact centers or contracting for workers from abroad will be entertained.

Also, your business model will have to at least touch on elements of Industry 4.0 adoption in at least one of these categories:

* Big Data Analytics;

* Artificial Intelligence;

* Fintech;

* Internet of Things;

* Cybersecurity;

* Data Centers;

* Blockchain;

* Creative Media;

* Sharing Economies;

* User Interface;

* Integrated Circuit;

* Additive Manufacturing;

* Robotics;

* Autonomous System;

* System or Network Architecture.