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How Riverria Iskandar Malaysia reduces waste and pollution

How is Riverria Iskandar Malaysia made Environmentally Inhabitable?

Iskandar Investment Berhad, the parent company of Iskandar Malaysia has committed to reduce Environmental Implications, Waste and Emission, committed to promote Renewable Energy, Green Initiatives, Preservation and Conservation in developing the economic corridor of Johor. It is however only possible to implement new environmental measures in areas where you can design from the ground up. As for the old places where the design came about many years ago, it would take some beatings in order to bring them inline to the new environmental standard like less waste and less pollutions. In this respect, Riverria Iskandar Malaysia which is designed from the ground up is easily brought up to world standards in terms of environmentally sustainability. It is to say the least totally Environmentally Inhabitable.

What is designed into Riverria Iskandar Malaysia that makes a difference from all other properties in the Greater Iskandar Malaysia Region? There are two main areas where a lot of thinking has been done where design is concerned:

1. Pollution – carbon dioxide emission
a. “Do away with my car scheme” is a scheme to encourage residents to not buy a car for themselves or if they really need a car, then buy a small car that burns little fuel. This scheme is something like ‘car sharing’ where you may share your vehicle with others in the community; like Grab service. The scheme also encourages residents (who have some time to spare) to act as drivers and couriers.
b. Residents are encouraged to work away from their offices more often as they can come to an in-house Community Business Centre with adequate facilities and skilled personals to assist them in their business undertakings. The idea is to reduce the residents making trips to their offices. It also helps employees to work away from home which would become the new normal in post covid-19 era.
c. A dedicated workshop (with spare-parts support) to help residents to service their vehicles operates as an in-house service centre; this to reduce the need to travel outside to get your vehicles fixed.
d. Bulk buying of groceries from shopping malls and arrangements of delivery so that you will not need to drive outside to do your buying. Online buying is automated with adequate IoT devices affixed to your fridges; you will be able to enjoy industry 4.0 services.

2. Waste Management
a. As modern living often throws out plenty of waste, an Intelligent Waste Management Module is instituted to help reduce the amount of waste that if not managed, will go to the landfills. Riverria Iskandar Malaysia is designed with intelligent waste collection system; collected waste through the community waste chute system are first sorted out (by an automatic intelligent system) and then sorted out for recycling (those that are appropriate for recycling). In this way, there will be a way of accounting for the waste that we throw away as compared to the amount of food that we ordered through the bulk buying system (rough estimate).
b. In order that we do not pollute others with our waste, an advance and intelligent waste recycling system is installed. Solid waste that goes out of our sewage system will be reclaimed and chemically and physically treated to make them usable as fuel bricks and fertilizers. Liquid waste will also be treated to kill off pathogens as well as to reduce their toxic contents before discharging to the municipal sewage system. The sewerage system is also tied to an in-house water treatment system that draws on the bordering sungei Skudai.