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Who is more concerned about jobs or the availability of jobs? Is it you or your government? In reality, governments are the one who would be more concerned because if the citizenry does not have a job, they will hold protest which can befall a government. You without a job - try harder then. It has all the time being the job of government to provide jobs, any type of job as long as it helps to get the people out of the street. And it is a great headache for the government to provide enough jobs when times are bad.

Well, the government can only provide government jobs and they have to depend on the private sector to provide additional jobs. Now, in good times, there is no problem as we tend to see there are more jobs than job seekers. When things are going well, people become choosy and only good paying jobs are taken. But when times are bad, both the citizenry and the government get frustrated. It is during good times that people get complacent. Industry would think that they do not have to crack their heads to create future jobs.

However, it is during bad times that the industry is challenged. New jobs cannot be created when there is no expansion. When technology does not move up the chain, very little new jobs are created. It is also true that when good times are at hand, industry players do not seem to be eager to put a budget for R & D. So when there is no progress, the whole country will face the brunt when other countries facing the same problem might need to dump their products to another country thus causing trade friction.

One of the best way to avoid a dearth of jobs is to enhance innovations. The more innovations and creations the better the creation of jobs and unfortunately, innovations and inventions do not come easy. For the creation of innovations be they the tangible or intangible type, there must be a good climate. Education systems do normally lack behind until they are not able to cope with the creation of jobs.

Same old technology and the other same old applies until the smart ones go about migrating to greener patches. What happen then are both the citizenry and the government looking at each other to apportion blame. So government and to a lesser extend the enterprise must be pro-active in instituting changes to move forward before others took the same medicine.

Educational systems that relied on tested rote learning will be most at risk of stagnation as no new ideas are churned. We only have to look at small economies that are very agile to see where they stand in terms of job creations. Israel, Ireland, Switzerland and some of the Scandinavian countries are good examples of good governance. Proactive and most of the time doing comparative studies made these countries facing no job shortages. And when we look closer, we will certainly find that they prioritize innovative thinking rather than job creation by a big number of product substitution industries.

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