Johor Game of Drones Franchise

johor drones franchise

Johor Game of Drone is one of the first to use drones (UAV) for its real(non virtual) outdoor laser shooting game will offer its brand for you to grab a franchise.

You will most probably see and hear about drones everyday. No surprises here because drones, also called UAV's are taking over our lives and you will see a drone coming to your neighbourhood sooner than you think. Yes, they are surely going to take over that part of the space between the ground and the sky. Oh, not only that, they will also take over the space between the ground and the Sea! We do have a drone that goes into the ocean and do its things! One of the first drone designed to work both in the air and water. You have to se to believe it!!

People are thinking of ways of using drones and there are more people tinkering with drones than ever before. One reason is because drones are made affordable to everyone and drones come with more and more capabilities and at a fraction of the cost of what it used to be a couple of years ago.

As far as drones are concerned, we cannot predict what lies in the future. Johor Drones Game is the vehicle for you to be involved in drones whatever that is going to come.

So you don't ever want to miss out on this rare opportunity do you? Here is a chance for you to get involved with a drone business that is touted to be one of the most innovative use of drones. It is called Johor Drones.

Don't ever miss this opportunity again as it is available for franchising at your area. Johor Drones Game is an innovative outdoor game played using laser embedded guns. You will have air drones, ground drones and sea drones and you form teams to out fire each other.

Rules are formed for you to use your skills to out maneuver each other. And bear in mind that all the drones are moving about so none is an easy target. You get points for shooting down your enemy and you are only given a certain amount of fire power to do it or you get shot instead where you will have to leave the gameplay.

What is available for franchise?

Outdoor Real-time Games, Virtual Computer Games, Newly designed Drones for various purposes( including a first of its kind Unmanned Underwater Vehicle for rescue and exploration), Movie Themes, Merchandise, Games Competitions, Indoor small-scaled games to be played at Shopping Malls and Drone Toys.

What is the capitalization value?

A cool USD 450 million!! No, you definitely don't want to miss this.

And your franchise cost?

Varies from USD15 K to USD60 K depending on packages. You will get priority in additional packages.

As a prelude, Johor Game of Drones is available for area franchise only.

Area franchise will cover a smaller area like townships as well as territorial rights.

Franchising covers the physical gameplay, virtual games, competition, merchandise and movie series. No competition from others as game format is protected by intellectual property rights in your area. ROI within a year. Totally exclusive for you if you take up the scheme now!

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